Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello People,
I am back again!!! I have been working on a really long project that has taken me so long and I am not even done yet... Its a baby blanket that I designed.... I used the entrelac technique as I am so intrigued by that and I also created a fun pattern on the squares to make it more interesting and ofcourse with color change too! So all these techniques are fun and make this blanket a really fun project...

In the process I also learnt to knit backwards using the continental style...This makes things a little quicker as I constantly dont have to keep turning my work back and forth... Check out my work in progress....

Let me know what you guys think... Once I finish making this blanket I will write out tutorials for entrelac knitting as well as other techniques I used...
By the time you are done with this blanket, you will be an expert in the following -

1. knitting and purling ofcourse
2. Picking up stitches both knit and purl sides
3. increasing stitches (making stitches on purl side or knit side)
4. making bobbles
5. reading lace chart
6. Joining colors
7. Entrelac knitting cause thats what all these techniques lead to in the end!!

One blanket and you can become an intermediate knitter!